On The Schools

With 15 years in public leadership, the Village Voice Party is proud of the working relationships that we have had with the local school districts, including Indian Springs School District 109, Argo High School District 217, and Moraine Valley Community College District 524. Members and friends of our party have been active within these school districts as volunteers, employees, and elected board members.

During the trying times brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, our schools and families with children who are in these educational systems have seen their lives especially disrupted as a result of public health and safety measures. The so-called “new normal” has been especially hard to adapt to for working families with young children. Thus, it is imperative that our community come together and support one another.

Schools are often seen as cornerstones of a community where children are equipped with the skills to grow into young adults and develop life skills, both social and educational, to succeed in the world. For this fact, strong school districts and the services provided through schools are some of the most important that municipal government can provide.

How can we help build stronger school districts? The Village Voice Party has always had the philosophy of supporting our schools by fostering a strong tax base through both economic development and the beautification of our village. By implementing changes to the town to attract investment, more tax revenue is raised which supports the mission of our schools.

The Village Voice is also proud to have had members who have played direct roles within the school districts, such as Erik Ziccardi and David Shipyor of School District 109, who helped create safer schools by voting for school resource officers, as well as voting for the breathtaking Wilkins Field Development which added valuable green-space to the surrounding community. It is by supporting such sound leadership both within the school districts and within the community at large that we can help strengthen our schools and create an environment for children and families to grow and thrive into their futures.

Wilkins Field, One Of Our Proudest Accomplishments

To this end we must also call out those who have worked against our schools and have attacked our precious school districts as a means to score political points: we speak of our current mayor Kris Wasowicz and members of the his Residents First Party, who during the COVID-19 pandemic called for violence and tax protests in response to public safety measures implemented at the schools. Such hostile remarks and shameless attacks on the integrity of our educational system are unconscionable and show a complete lack of leadership from certain elements within our community that should be called out and shamed for their reckless behavior.

Somebody Should Write This Guy A Detention

When the Village Voice Party wins on April 6th, 2021, we will restore and strengthen the relationship between the Village of Justice and our school districts, especially School District 109. The village and schools must work in unison for the overall public good and for the working families that we all serve.

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