Our Platform 2021

What does a plan to SUCCEED look like? Below is a roadmap for our plan to improve the village!

SCHOOLS: We will partner with elementary, high school and community college leadership to the benefit of our residents.

UNITY: We will unite all residents by establishing communication protocols that are simple, accessible and promote inclusion and participation by all residents.

COMMUNITY: We will re-establish, create and encourage community events and organizations to inspire community spirit and energize local organizations.

CODE ENFORCEMENT: We will create processes to ensure fair and reasonable implementation of village codes in an ethical and reasonable manner

ETHICS: We will hold all officials, elected or appointed, all employees and agents of the village to the highest standard of ethical behavior. Ensure fair treatment and resolution of all complaints or concerns.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT : We will carefully and thoughtfully seek new development that enhances the villages’ tax base and creates a family friendly, convenient and progressive community environment

DOLLARS: We will spend all taxes and collected revenues in the very best interests of the community, frugally but with foresight toward long range goals and improvements that benefit our citizens and our future.

What does this plan look like in action?

This plan looks like a culture change in village hall that makes the village work for everyone.

It looks like cleaning up dilapidated properties, particularly the junk car lot on 79th Street and the abandoned gas station on 88th Ave, which received a million dollar state grant for its remediation years ago.

It looks like creating new parks, especially in Asbury Woods.

It looks like sound economic development that uplifts our community, including a moratorium on gambling expansion.

It looks like working with reputable developers for the Asbury Hill property, filling the triangle property with quality businesses, and bringing in new business interest to abandoned store fronts, especially along Archer and 79th Street.

It looks like bringing back old community events, such as the Justice Fest, continuing seasonal events such as Winter Wonderland and the Car Show, as well as participating in new events such as the School District 109 Back To School Bash.

It looks like addressing parking issues in rapidly expanding areas of the town such as the Arbors and Highlands, especially for the townhomes along Asbury Hill.

It looks like fixing longstanding flooding issues, particularly in Roberts Park, Wesley Fields, and the Covington Ditch. It looks like spending CARES grant money appropriately on designated projects.

It looks like a plan to utilize the toll way ramps to benefit our village and the local economy.

It looks like partnering with our Chamber of Commerce to help our local businesses get back on their feet and working with our schools to get our children back to the classrooms in a safe environment.

It looks like working with existing non-profits and starting new community groups to clean up our village, beautify our community, and provide needed resources to residents in need.

Think that’s everything? This list is just getting started! When you vote this April, ask yourself, what kind of a village do you want to live in? Do you want to live in a village that works for you, a place where you can feel proud to live and call home? Or a village that works for the select few, the moneyed interest, the gambling firms and the politically connected.

This election, the choice is simple and clear, Vote Village Voice and let’s get back to work, let’s build a village that works for everyone, let’s build Justice together!

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