The Justice Village Voice!

Since its founding the Justice Village Voice Party has dedicated itself to transparency, accountability, and good governance. Through hard work, due diligence, and many successful campaigns we are proud of the work we have done and hope to continue serving the residents of the Village Of Justice.

Started as a community organization to advocate on behalf of the village as a whole, the Village Voice has since grown over the years into the leading force for community oriented leadership within the Village of Justice. Our membership consists of members from all areas of the community from the village board, the school, park, and library districts, school teachers, faith leaders, business owners, community activists, neighborhood watch members, and everyday residents who want to grow more involved in the community they call home.

Working with each other, our mission is simple and clear,
Building Justice Together!

Interested in learning more?
Monthly meetings are held every third Tuesday at 7:00pm.
To learn more, call (708) 458-6857