Our Platform 2021

What does a plan to SUCCEED look like? Below is a roadmap for our plan to improve the village! SCHOOLS: We will partner with elementary, high school and community college leadership to the benefit of our residents. UNITY: We will unite all residents by establishing communication protocols that are simple, accessible and promote inclusion and […]

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On Current Code Enforcement

One of the most important purposes of municipal government is the protection of private property in both the physical and economic sense. To this end, police protection and code enforcement are two of the most important services a municipal government can provide to ensure the safety of residential and commercial properties. From proper electrical, water, […]

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A Real Economic Development Plan

The Current State of Economic Development in the Village of Justice Village residents were shocked to see the headlines in the Feb 21, 2020, Chicago Suntimes: “Suburban strip mall has everything you need for the weekend In the new Illinois economy, only the grocer seems out of place in Towne Square devoted to pot, gambling […]

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On The Schools

With 15 years in public leadership, the Village Voice Party is proud of the working relationships that we have had with the local school districts, including Indian Springs School District 109, Argo High School District 217, and Moraine Valley Community College District 524. Members and friends of our party have been active within these school […]

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How Do We Build A Safer Community?

When buying a home or starting a family one of the first questions someone may ask themselves would be, “Is this community safe?” For individuals, especially parents, to sleep at ease, they must know that the community they live in is able to provide a top-notch standard of public safety that can quickly respond to […]

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Ethics: As Important As Ever

Visualize a municipal governments leader that overlooks the unethical behavior of his subordinates or dismisses it altogether. Envision a municipal governments mayor who has chosen to dissolve a community’s Ethics Board because he feels he can conduct his own investigation and exclusively determine the ethical behavior of an employee. We don’t know of any one […]

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A History of Economic Development in the Village of Justice!

When approaching Economic Development the Village Voice has always focused on two strategic goals:  (1) Government should better support our businesses and local organizations in town.  Their growth and prosperity will in turn expand the village’s prosperity; and (2) Transparency of government’s decisions and planning need to be shared with residents and business owners. Sharing […]

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The Village Budget

Safeguarding Our Municipal Finances The Village Voice Party has always believed that solid finances and a balanced budget are the backbone to successful village management.  Budgeting is one of the biggest keys to managing money and a balanced budget (particularly in government) is when the revenues are equal to the expenditures. When the first Village […]

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Our Village Roads and The Tollway

How do we build infrastructure? The following examples show how the Village Voice Party has worked to improve infrastructure throughout out community. Repaving our own streets! The street repaving program is another example of what working together can do for us. Former trustee, now Village Clerk, Sue Small put a lot of work in to […]

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