How Do We Build A Safer Community?

When buying a home or starting a family one of the first questions someone may ask themselves would be, “Is this community safe?” For individuals, especially parents, to sleep at ease, they must know that the community they live in is able to provide a top-notch standard of public safety that can quickly respond to any emergency needs or threats as necessary. The Village of Justice is one such community, with some of the finest police and an outstanding fire district.

We will not claim undue regard in this case, as all honor and respect must be given to our villages finest, the first responders who put their lives on the line and work for us night and day.

Yet rest assured, even village trustees put community safety at the forefront on their agenda. How do they do this, and what role have Village Voice trustees had in public safety?

The Village Voice Trustees have, since 2011, managed the village budget to ensure public safety is at the forefront.  State of the art technology, training and leadership have earned our village a “top 100” ranking over several years. Most of our residents and neighbors applaud the effort of our officers and appreciate the hard work they continue to demonstrate.

The Roberts Park Fire Protection District is dedicated to human life and human service.  They spend countless hours working with our residents teaching fire safety and lifesaving practices, as a board our members do all that they can to allow for solid relationships between our police department and the Roberts Park Fire Protection District.

The Village of Justice also works with and has a great relationship with the Bridgeview-Justice EMA (Emergency Management Agency) group.  Back in the early days of the Village Voice (2013), trustees Richard Sparr and Sue Small worked with the EMA group. The organization helped the village board install an emergency preparedness program in the village.  Thankfully, the village has not had a catastrophic emergency; rest assured though, a process is in place to quickly organize first-responders.

This goes to show how even elected officials can play an essential role in public safety, by ensuring steps are taken to allow first responders to have all resources needed to do their jobs in the most prepared way possible.

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