Ethics: As Important As Ever

Visualize a municipal governments leader that overlooks the unethical behavior of his subordinates or dismisses it altogether. Envision a municipal governments mayor who has chosen to dissolve a community’s Ethics Board because he feels he can conduct his own investigation and exclusively determine the ethical behavior of an employee.

We don’t know of any one individual that is knowledgeable enough to make those determinations. However, our current mayor believes he can, and therefore has, on his own, neglected to reinstate the Village of Justice Ethics Board to handle an employee ethical issue that has recently come to light.

Ask yourself, what logical reason could the mayor possess either individually or exclusively to be able to determine the ethical behavior of his appointed official? Is his illogical motivation political or are there underlining reasons for his irrational behavior?

More importantly, this same man is supporting candidates in direct opposition to our incumbent Village Voice candidates that have established, maintained and supported ethical behavior their entire careers.

Did you know, in June 2018, that Village Voice trustees passed an update to the village’s ethics ordinances to address nepotism occurring within the village’s building department? Did you know that even before news broke about the building commissioner being investigated that all seated Village Voice trustees passed a vote of “NO Confidence” in the individual in question? Did you also know, should the Village Voice successfully regain control of the village board in the future that the party has pledged to reinstitute the ethics board?

Folks, we think the conclusion is obvious. Support the Village Voice and continue to be represented by individuals who like you, are community moms, dads, grandmas, and grandpas, that demonstrate the strong belief and support the philosophy of integrity in office.

There is much at stake, for a fair and just community, VOTE VILLAGE VOICE! 


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