Our Village Roads and The Tollway

How do we build infrastructure? The following examples show how the Village Voice Party has worked to improve infrastructure throughout out community.

Repaving our own streets!

The street repaving program is another example of what working together can do for us. Former trustee, now Village Clerk, Sue Small put a lot of work in to figuring out the costs of improving our shattered old roads. With the input of our experienced Village Engineer and capable Public Works Director the plan was put in place to train and use our own Public Works team to tackle the problem. This 5 year old program is constantly being assessed as they make progress.

Bringing life back into the tollway project!

In addition to this, the experience to know how to plan with others has given Justice one of the most hoped for opportunities ever. Long stalled with any hope fading, the attempts to bring new access ramps to the I-294 tollway were going nowhere, they were, sadly, dead. Trustees Henry Oszakiewski, Richard Sparr and Sue Small got together to approach the idea in a different way. They were able to reopen meetings with the tollway planning authority by holding planning meetings in Justice in the village board room. The trustees wanted to get them to know us and think about our unique location.

As ideas came and our wants and needs were being implanted, the Illinois Toll Authority announced a $4 billion road expansion right through the Justice area. Talk about serendipity! Since the village trustees had already been meeting with the Illinois Department of Transportation and the Illinois Toll Authority, we have been involved in the project since the beginning. We are now working with the county and the state to make this dream a reality. Whats more, even the federal government has found merit in the project, with our very own congressman Dan Lipinski bringing home a $12.5 million dollar grant for the project.

With experienced and responsible minds, we plan to maximize all of the opportunities that this game changer can give. Altogether proving “Building Justice Together” is not just a theme, it is the future of government!

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