On Parties and People: Find Out What’s Going On In Justice Politics

A Name By Any Other Name, So Why So Much Confusion?
Written by John Small

Have you been able to keep track of all the different political parties that have been in Justice? Think about it, do we still have the United Party? What was the difference between the Village Voice and the Peoples Voice Parties? Who goes with whom? What is Friends of Kris Wasowicz? Does any of this really matter?

Sure it does! By any measure, even the people who follow local politics and the parties they spawn could get into serious confusion here. We, the Village Voice members, get a lot of questions and are still surprised when the issue of, who’s who, comes up. To that problem we have a simple solution.

Come on by and meet the people. Fellow Justinians, who formed a party of people with new ideas. How about sharing conversation at a monthly meeting while sitting down with our Village Voice trustees? Our members have served and are serving the community by volunteering their time and sitting on the boards of many public bodies.

Yes, we have always advocated for people to attend all local government meetings. But if you can’t get to them, talk at the Voice! It’s easy and you can learn more from a group than you could if you tried to attend every meeting by yourself. We learn by talking with you too!

Meetings are held every month. Call John at (708) 458-6857 for details.

If you would like to hear from us on the latest upcoming events, just call and leave a clearly spoken voicemail or send us an e-mail.

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